The Internet is one of the most complicated and quickly changing technologies ever devised. As the network grows into a worldwide communications system,

As a result of the new system, enterprises and individuals will be more concerned about data security. Cloud providers’ network infrastructure enables users to connect to and share files with other devices in a centralized location. However, did you know that if a hacker gains access by monitoring connections, he may be able to not only take control of data transmission but also simply grab any file from anywhere on the planet if we use Google Drive to share files?

Many companies use open source routers with vulnerabilities against traffic analysis, such as IPsec. To prevent these attacks and keep our data safe, we need more standards and higher levels of security, which will ensure security beyond TCP/IP protocols while keeping out software designed to intercept our VPNs’ packets without revealing their original identities.

Sharing data via the internet has become a regular occurrence for us. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow us to establish a secure connection with another network over the Internet. They can also be used to gain access to region-restricted websites and protect your browsing behavior while using public Wi-Fi.

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